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How I Serve My Buyers

I love helping people towards their next step! Whether that be buying a first home, upgrading to a larger home, or even downsizing, when someone has made the decision that their current space is no longer working for them and they are ready for something new, I am ready, willing, and able to go to work!

My role in your home buying experience is your educator and advocate. I will provide you with information on the various steps you need to take, keep you on the path, and lead you through the entire transaction from start to finish. I will help you make a wise home ownership decision and will never push you towards something that is not in your best interest. I always want you to think about the property from a number of angles so it is something you are not only going to be happy with now, but years from now.

I am not here for a quick sale. I am here to build a long-term professional relationship and to be your advocate for life!

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Don’t Learn to Buy a Home the Hard Way!

When I bought a house for the first time, there was a lot of trial and error. I don’t want that same experience for you! I take a proactive approach to letting you know about the process, the forms, the different ways to search for a home, and everyone’s role in the transaction so you always know who you are talking to and what is coming up.

If you are a first-time home buyer, believe it or not, you have an advantage that I know how to put to work! Without a home of your own to sell in order to buy, you don’t have to worry so much about timing (and neither does the seller). I will make that work for you.

Finally, finding the right mortgage is important. I know the ins and outs of getting financed and have a lot of different options to meet your unique needs. Not all banks are alike! I have resources and can help you find a great match.

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Yes, You CAN Finance a Home

First-time homebuyers and repeat buyers are sometimes nervous when it comes to securing financing. But today’s buyers are lucky! There are so many different types of loans out there – Conventional, VA, FHA, and more. Not all banks and lenders are created equal. I will help you navigate through. I have really good people who are ready to help!

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